Rebecca Sellen     

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach flower remedies can gently guide us to our natural state of emotional equilibrium where we can operate from a place of peace, love and balance, regaining our sense of joy in life!

Their subtle support is gently transformative and they can be used in nearly any situation including: 

Day to day challenges

Anxiety / Depression / Trauma

Life transitions / Times of illness

Childhood issues / Relationships /Achieving goals / Exam stress

Personal Evolution / Wellbeing

They are easy to use and safe for the whole family!

What can Bach Flower Remedies offer you?

Explore the different ways Dr Bach's simple system of healing can enhance your experience of life...

Taking a couple of drops of remedy in a glass of water and sipping as needed, can turn a difficult day around.

Taking the remedies long term in a personal mixing bottle can shift outmoded emotions and mental patterns. Little by little you can reach your core default patterns that are unique to you. When these are brought into balance your true nature is unearthed and life is fun again!

Or perhaps those long cherished dreams can become manifest, by letting the remedies help you rediscover your natural sense of motivation and creativity?

If we are open to change, the world is our oyster! We just need to be willing and the remedies can help dissolve our shackles and leave us free to shine...

About Rebecca

Rebecca has been using this system of healing for over twenty years in her private life, and is a registered practitioner with the Bach Centre, UK.                                                                                                       

She is also a registered life coach and has worked professionally as a health coach.

Passionate about healing using our innate capabilities and our personal guidance systems, having overcome her own health challenges in her early twenties, she is eager to share Dr Bach's system of healing.

Now more than ever, the world needs healthy, loving and strong individuals to ride the tough challenges we face as a planet.

Rebecca's mission is to help enable individuals, whether adults or children, to fulfil their potential, and to enhance peoples' experience of life in ways that are meaningful to them.

What to expect from  Bach Flower Remedy  consultations

Take a step towards your best life...

During a consultation your practitioner will listen to your most challenging emotions and mental patterns, mainly staying centred in the present and addressing what you're experiencing now.

Working together, to identify what you would like to shift, your practitioner will suggest a combination of remedies specific to this period in your life and the issues you have presented.

The situation is usually reassessed at three week intervals. New, deeper layers of emotion may have surfaced, ready to be cleared. Or sometimes the same remedies are repeated for another three weeks. 

This process can be used to address short term situations, for example, the transition into a new job or a school environment. Alternatively, it can be used to address issues underlying chronic illness, depression, grief etc, or as an ongoing preventative measure to achieve greater resilience, health and success.